Weighted Base Portable Barriers

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As part of OSHA recommended Engineering Workplace Controls,
our Plexiglass Shields put a physical barrier between people sitting. 
The only Conference Room Barrier that EXTENDS PAST the edge of a counter or table and won't tip over!
Pricing: Model # 333 Weighted Base Hygiene Barrier
Qty 1 - 8 units    $237 each, inc shipping
Qty 9 - 19 units  $211 each, inc shipping
Qty 20+ units     $206 each, inc shipping
Typical orders delivered within 7 days.
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When you have a council, town hall, or important business meeting and you want to protect all attendees, consider the Plexability Chicago Weighted Base Hygiene Barrier.
*It extends and protects the Sides of people sitting
*Weighted Base keeps it on the table or counter
*Optically clear plexiglass allows full viewing
Place our weighted hygiene barriers between individuals to minimize side spread.  Portable at around 11lb, it is easily moved to the edge of the table or counter, allowing the plexiglass panel to extend past the edge to protect the sides of the person sitting.  Crystal clear 1/8" impact-resistant plexiglass panel is durable, easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth and non-abrasive, non-chemical cleaners.  Aluminum color finish is on the base and arm, powder-coating optional.
Plexiglass panel is 25"H x 32"W
The base is 12.5"L x 6.5"W
See a YouTube of the barriers in use during a Darien Council Board Meeting:
Click Here
The 28" plexiglass panel frame attaches to the steel base, the plexiglass panel extends out 4" from the small frame end. Tip - add felt or rubber pads to the bottom of the steel base.
Our plexiglass panels are 1/8", shatter and impact resistant, with rounded edges.