Standing Floor Barriers

Standing Floor Barriers are available in many designs to fit the application of where protection between people is needed. Typical applications we have provided barriers for:  Between dining tables at restaurants; Blocking off a hallway with a movebable barrier; 
Between loading carts in a distribution facility; On stage between singers and the audience. 
Most standing floor barriers have flat base feet, mobile caster bases are available for most models.  All units feature an aluminum frame in either silver or black.  Plexiglass thickness used in these units are either 1/8" or 3/16".
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Mobile Standing Barrier 5' width.jpg
Custom-Sized Floor Barriers
The above barrier is 5'W x 6"H, with base casters.  
Manufactured to the width and height you need for the space to be protected.  Widths up to 6", Heights up to 8'.  Plexiglass thickness either 1/8" or 3/16" depending on the width and height of the clear barrier.  As in the below picture, standing barriers can have an open space below the plexiglass panel.
The aluminum frame is 1" square tubing with nylon corner joints.  Twin steel base feet provide stability.
Price per unit starts at $375 and up, depending on width, height, and type of base.  All pricing plus shipping and tax.
Custom 8'H x 6'W Barrier.jpg

Email or call with the width and height of the barrier you need and we will provide a price and delivery time.

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Accordion Folding Barrier

Folding Table Divider - Full Clear Plexiglass panels.
Designed to minimize airborne contagions between tables.  An effective barrier that works accordion-style, rolls easily and has locks on end casters.
Approximately 5' span, 60"H x 66"W.
Pricing: Model 775 Clear Plexiglass
Price per unit     $925.00
All pricing plus shipping and tax.
For more information Call Today!
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Counter Standing Barrier for Research Lab