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Chicago Bar Topper Moveable Barrier

The Chicago Bar Topper is a moveable plexiglass sneeze guard that protects people seated next to each other at a bar counter when their masks are removed to enjoy dinner or beverages.  The weighted base allows the bartender or customer to slide the barrier outwards to protect their side airspace while eating or drinking.  

Bar Toppers in production

Model 333


Silver Chicago Bar Toppers


Model 333

Pricing: Model #555 Chicago Bar Topper

The Chicago Bar Topper #555 has a full 30" tall, 30" wide, 3/16" thick clear polycarbonate shield, and a steel base.  When placed on a 42" high bar counter or table, the 30" panel meets the 72" height recommendation for barriers. Our Chicago Bar Topper weighted base allows the 3/16" polycarbonate panel to be extended past the edge of the counter without tipping over.  This effectively puts a barrier on each side of the person sitting at the counter. Polycarbonate is approximately 7X stronger than plexiglass, and is shatter resistant should the barrier be knocked over. The Chicago Bar Topper provides more side coverage than other tabletop units to minimize airborne contagions by having a physical barrier that separates people.  

Black Chicago Bar Topper

All #555 units are painted in silver or black paint. The crystal clear Polycarbonate panel is 30"H x 30"W and the base is 12.5"L x 6.5"W.  Approximate weight of the unit is 12lb.  Clean the polycarbonate with a non-abrasive and non-chemical cleaner with a micro-fiber cloth.  Price:  $149 each, Pickup or low-cost local delivery charge in Chicago and Suburbs. As these are custom manufactured, delivery is typically within 7 - 10 days.

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