Improved Gen 2 Design

Portable Bar Counter Shield 

The 28" plexiglass panel frame attaches to the steel base, the plexiglass panel extends out 4" from the small frame end. Tip - add felt or rubber pads to the bottom of the steel base.
Many sneeze guards, hygiene barriers, and acrylic shields protect the front of people.  Airborne contagions can come from any direction.  The Weighted Base Hygiene Barrier protects the SIDES of people when sitting at a conference table or standing at a bar counter.  This unit effectively puts a Workplace Engineering Control, a Physical Barrier, between people when they are sitting or standing next to each other.
Perfect for any counter, desk, or table where a movable physical plexiglass barrier is desired between people.  The Weighted Base Hygiene Barrier features a heavy steel baseplate on one end, allowing the plexiglass panel to be extended past the edge of the surface.  This provides more side coverage than other tabletop units to minimize airborne contagions by having a physical barrier that separates people.  The improved design features insulating washers and a through-hole mounting screw with an integrated decorative cap.  All units come with a standard aluminum color finish, powder-coating is optional as shown in the top right picture with the black base. 
The crystal clear Plexiglass panel is 25"H x 32"W and the base is 12.5"L x 6.5"W.  Approximate weight of the unit is 11lb.  Clean the plexiglass with a non-abrasive and non-chemical cleaner with a micro-fiber cloth. 
Pricing: Model #333
Qty 1 - 8 units:     $237 each, includes shipping in Continental USA.
Qty 9-19 units:     $211 each, includes shipping in Continental USA.
Qty 20+  units:    $206  each, includes shipping in Continental USA.
Fast turnaround and delivery, typically within 7 days.
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