Pass-Thru Carry-Out Barriers

Your business relies on the transactional exchange of goods and payments.  When this process is in a face-to-face environment, social distancing isn't possible as people stand close to each other, increasing the potential of spreading airborne germs.

Our Pass-Thru Carry-Out Barriers put an optically clear wall at the point of contact.

Framed barriers are our strongest and most durable units, thanks to the aluminum frame.

Frameless barriers are less costly yet provide the same level of protection. 


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Counter Before 2.png
Counter Before
This trendy bakery desired full
barrier protection for their sales counter.  This custom barrier has three pass-throughs incorporated into the front panel section to exchange goods and transactions.
Bakery custom counter.jpg
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Counter After

Aluminum Framed Barriers

Aluminum Frame with Plexiglass
Our most durable barrier is a 1" aluminum frame with a 3/16" plexiglass panel.  The unit can be, in most cases, either full-framed or possibly 3-sided depending on the height and width of the unit. Custom measured to fit your carry-out space, these units are supported by twin legs. All open ends on the legs and framing are capped.
The pass-thru section on the bottom of the barrier is a fixed height that extends across the bottom.  This height is determined by the tallest package that will be passed thru.
To secure the barrier in place, double-sided 3M tape underneath the legs will make sure the unit doesn't move.
The 3/16" thick optically clear plexiglass is less prone to flexing as thinner 1/8" plexiglass will, especially on wider and taller barriers.  

Frameless Barriers with Pass-Thru

40" tall barrier with 8" x 12" pass-thru 
40" tall barriers with alum bases and clear joints to secure the units to counters 

Economy Barriers with Pass-Thru

Economy Barriers
Designed for tight budgets, these plexiglass barriers are available in the following sizes:
Plexiglass thickness:  1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
Heights:  23.5" to 47.5" (custom height avail)
Widths: 23.5" to 47.5"  (custom width avail)
When choosing 1/8" plexiglass, typically taller and wider barriers are manufactured in 3/16" or 1/4" thick material.  The thicker material is more sturdy and will have less flex in the barrier.  
Priced from $46.95 - $298.95 depending
on dimensions and plexiglass thickness
Call for your exact price.
All pricing plus shipping, free pickup
Custom pass-thru slots available in most sizes. 
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