Host Stand/CarryOut Area Barrier

You are well aware of the value of creating an awesome and safe environment for your customers and employees.  Every day you strive to provide the best customer service that encourages people to want to return to your establishment.  Our optically clear barriers and sneeze guards quietly show that you take extra measures to protect people from spreading germs, protecting not only your customers but your front-line workers as well. 


We design Framed or Frameless Barriers for your Host Stand, Greeting Area, or Greeting/Carryout.
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Framed Barriers
Host Stand Before.png
Host Stand Before
The first line of "defense" to potential spread as it is in the front of the house. Protect staff from airborne contagions with our custom hygiene barrier shields.
Host Stand Complete with New Plexiglass
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Host Stand after with
Framed Barrier
Host Stand with Framed Barrier
The modern styled frame is complete with
end-caps. Plexiglass panels are nested in the frame channel to prevent cracking.
Frameless Barriers with Pass-Through
Host Stand with Frameless Barrier for CarryOut
This restaurant in the Chicago West Loop needed a barrier FAST for their carryout and greeting area. The requirement was to have a tall barrier with moveable side panels.  1/4" plexiglass that is 40"H provides front and side protection.  The base is double-sided taped to secure the barrier to the table.  Side sections are flexible to allow adjustment of the panels.
Host Stand After
Rigid.  Stable.  Durable.
Corner Miter