Custom Barrier Projects

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Service Company Barrier Solutions

A service company had a technician area where techs would pick up parts and hand in paperwork to the office staff.  

The parts room window area was designed with one section of 3/16" plexiglass and universal clamshell clamps were used to secure the panel on 3 sides. A 12" x 18" opening was provided to pass parts through.

The adjoining wall section extends between the tech walk-in area and the office.  A 40" tall barrier was designed to separate the areas to protect both office staff and the technicians.  A combination of clamshell clamps on the bottom and posts and 3/8" side stanchions were used to support 55" wide 1/8" thick plexiglass panels. 

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Frameless Restaurant Booth Divider

Restaurant management wanted a clean, different look for their booth barriers that put a clear wall between booths.

3/8" thick polycarbonate panels, each secured with 3 chrome base stanchions.

Restaurant Booth Dividers & Food Conveyor Barriers

This unique restaurant utilizes a conveyor line system between booths, with prize boxes on top of the line that deliver a small present for returning dishes.  Management wanted to protect their customers and plated food as it travels on the conveyor to the intended booth.  

Starting with the booths, we secured 48" tall, 3/16" thick plexiglass barriers to the booth partitions in alternate booths.

The 3 conveyor line barriers were custom-sized to each opening, the barriers were secured with clamshell clamps and double-sided tape.  The upper prize boxes were measured and provided with custom-sized barriers in between each box.  These barriers were fitted with plexiglass base legs..

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Getting Ready for Cubs Baseball!


Located directly across from Wrigley, this restaurant wanted protection between booths and at two of their serving areas.

The booth dividers were custom sized with base legs specifically designed for each booth as the mounting surface dramatically narrowed down from 20" to less than 2" width.  40" tall, 3/16" polycarbonate sneeze guards fit perfectly and met CDC recommendations of 72" height between the booths.

The two service windows were measured and custom-sized plexiglass was secured with clamshell clamps on the sides and bottom.  To minimize air gaps, all panels were notched around the clamps.