Booth Barriers

Plexiglass Restaurant Booth Divider
Custom Booth Barriers
Our Booth Barriers can either be manufactured with 3 sides framed or full-framed.  The mounting base frame is available with mounting holes to secure to booth dividing panel or double-sided tape with no holes in the base.  The aluminum color finish is standard, powder-coating optional.
Other products we offer are restaurant bar counter host stands, and more.  
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Sample of our

Black Booth Divider

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Our frame units are securely mounted, durable, and stylish.  Let us Frame You!
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Sample of our


 Booth Divider

Typical barrier heights range from 18"H to over 30"H, depending on the actual booth height.  We can assist with this dimension, you will need to measure your booth from the floor to the seat, and from the floor to the seatback.  Call us for more information!
Plexiglass Restaurant Booth Divider
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Roots Pizza with Plexiglass Booth Barrie
Portable Weighted Base Hygiene Barriers and Plexiglass Booth Dividing Barriers
Polycarb booth barrier with stanchions.j

Frameless 1/4" Polycarbonate Booth Barriers with chrome stanchions.

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Frameless 1/4" Polycarbonate Booth Barriers with chrome stanchions.

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Frameless 1/4" Polycarbonate Booth Barriers with chrome stanchions.

Our sneeze guards and hygiene barriers are impact and shatter-resistant and provide the optical clarity of glass, without the extra cost.  On framed units, we offer alternative powder coating to blend or contrast to your theme and style, the above picture is a great example of providing safety without making it a focal point.

How tall of a barrier do you need?  Measure your booth from the ground

up to the top of the divider rail.  Effective booth divider barriers are 6' or 72"

from the ground.  Subtract your booth height from 72", the difference is the height of barrier you will need. typically we find either 18" - 24" tall barrier

meets the 72" height requirement.

Please check with your local authority in case they have a specific requirement. 

Call today with your dimensions, we are standing by to be of service!