Stop The Spread with

Physical Protective Barriers,

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards, 

and Hygiene Barriers n

What We Do:
We Protect Customers and Employees When Social Distancing Isn't Possible
Whether you are located in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, or the State of Illinois, every day we come across situations where employees and customers interact in a situation where one is uncomfortable with the environment they are in. Our products are the physical Hygiene Barriers between people and that discomfort, as we provide shields to limit the potential spread of human-to-human airborne contact.
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How We Do It:
Our Hygiene Barriers and Sneeze Guards are manufactured from Plexiglass, an optically clear member of the acrylic family, and engineered 6063-T52 aluminum that provides a base/frame support of the unit, much like a fine picture frame. Other plastic barriers lack a frame, our frame:
  • Provides secure mounting and support of the Barrier
  • Visually shows the unit is there, preventing potential injury
  • Creates peace-of-mind from seeing protection is in place
Contagion Risk Mitigation for Critical Areas

Reduce the transmission of airborne contagions such as Covid-19 in businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, offices, medical centers, gas stations, convenience stores, reception counters, desks, information desks, motels, hotels, movie theaters, work desks, service counters, guard areas, cafeterias, diners, automotive stores, service stores, and any interactive area where people interact in less than 6’ of social distancing area. When social distancing guidelines cannot be maintained, customers and employees will be at a higher risk if sneeze guards, hygiene barriers, and germ guards are not in place. Create physical barriers for these interaction areas to minimize the spread and maximize customer and employee’s peace-of-mind that your business is working towards reducing the risk to them.  We use acrylic plexiglass as it is easily cleaned, impact and shatter-resistant, and optically clear.  All of our plexiglass panels are cut from acrylic sheets in a wide variety of sizes for many applications 

Why choose Plexability Chicago for your Hygiene Barrier or Sneeze Guard needs?
*Our sleek and modern high-quality products feature a durable, low-profile 6063-T52 aluminum frame. 
*On custom projects, we collaborate with product engineering staff to ensure that your project is within design tolerances.  
CAD drawings provided on custom projects.
*All products are shipped directly to you with fast turnaround, typically in 10 business days or less. Exclusions are custom sizes and different color powder-coatings. We drop ship all over the Continental USA.
Plexability Chicago is located in Willowbrook, Illinois, near I55 & Rt. 83.  
We provide FREE, no-obligation appointments in the Chicago, Cook/Dupage County,
and surrounding suburban areas.  If you prefer contactless appointments,
call or email your pictures and dimensions.  
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OSHA Updated ALERTS: Covid-19 and the Workplace
Updated 10.12.2020
Below are OSHA updated guideline links for your review and reference:
Link to CDC Considerations for Restaurants and Bars (updated Sept 6, 2020):
October 1, 2020, BeSafe.Food-Service-Bars-Chicago-Phase-4-Guidelines
Sept 6, 2020, Updated Considerations for Bars and Restaurants
NEW!  City Open Workshop August 2020 Guide to Outdoor Dining
Click Me for PDF
Covid-19 Guidance for Food Truck Workers:
Covid-19 Guidance for Hair and Nail Salon Workers:
Steps to Protect Automotive Service Workers From Exposure to Coronavirus:
9 Steps to Reducing Worker Exposure to COVID-19 in Meat, Poultry, and Pork Processing and Packaging Facilities:
Guidance on Returning To Work:
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